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Current studies reveal that the majority of American adults believe that arts and music education is very important to the development of today’s youth.
However, because of the current trends in the reduction of arts funding, along with the elimination of music programs in the school systems and institutions throughout our communities, the inclusion of music in every student’s education has been relegated to a distant wish rather than an exciting reality.

We here at Jazz Journeys have created an ongoing series of educational workshops, seminars and concerts designed to help reverse these trends and expose students to jazz, America’s only indigenous music


Our Solution

Jazz Journeys Workshop Program
"Night Club at Noon" Educational Luncheon Program

These initiatives target students in communities and school systems with very little or no music educational funding. Students are given the opportunity to meet and interact with other students as well as educators and professional musicians.

How You Can Help

You can help to make a difference in the musical, cultural and educational development of our youth through your financial support of our programs. Your contribution will go a long way towards exposing our youth to the much needed musical and cultural experiences that are presently lacking in many of the school systems throughout our communities. “A literate citizenry has the knowledge and skills to handle an ever-changing world with confidence!”