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Night Club at Noon


The Challenge:

A new arts study public opinion survey commissioned by Americans for the Arts revealed that the majority of American adults believe that arts and music education is very important to the development of today’s children. However, because of recent trends in the reduction of arts funding, along with the elimination of music programs in the school systems and institutions throughout our communities, it appears that the inclusion of music in every student’s education, has been relegated to a distant wish, rather than an exciting reality.


Jazz Journeys,

a non profit cultural organization, has created an ongoing series of educational workshops, seminars and concerts designed to help reverse these trends and expose students to jazz, in all its forms.


This initiative,

our "Night Club at Noon" Educational Workshop Program, target students primarily in communities and school systems with very little, or no music education funding. Our events are held on Wednesdays, from 12 o’clock noon until 2:00 p.m. at Warmdaddy's, and features a specially prepared three-course lunch, along with an awards ceremony and a mini jazz concert. Students are given the opportunity to meet, ask questions and showcase their talents on programs with area, national and international musicians. Moreover, our programs show how music helps to overcome cultural differences, and stress the need for dedication and practice to achieve excellence in music, as well as life.